Call for Papers

We invite you to participate in the ICML 2022 Workshop on Machine Learning for Computational Design. This workshop seeks to unify discussions in learning-based methods for computational design across disciplines with an emphasis on design for function. The workshop will be highly interactive and should build bridges between academia, industry, and practitioners from all backgrounds.

We are soliciting calls for three types of presentations:

  1. Research poster presentations, to be accompanied by brief oral presentations;
  2. Software demos;
  3. Design demos.

Please indicate for which track you are submitting in the title of the submission.

Those interested in presenting in the Research track should submit a 1-4 page short paper on their research in the intersection of machine learning and computational design. Research can be in any domain; examples include (and are not limited to) mechanical design, web design, biology, materials, molecular design, robotics, architecture. The research can be on any aspect of the computational design problem — algorithms for design, design analysis, representation learning, model learning, etc. — as long as it is focused on learning-based methods. The submitted paper can be on recently published and to-be-published work or ongoing/late-breaking work with preliminary results.

Those interested in presenting in the Software Demos will present software in dedicated demo booths at the workshop. This should be research- or industrial-grade software developed by the submitters, that uses machine learning algorithms for design. Submissions should include a 1-2 page technical description of their software, including the problem the software addresses, a high-level description of the underlying algorithms that power it, and a brief video or online demo of the software being used. We are excited to see contributions from any domain!

Those interested in presenting in the Design Demos will present physical or virtual artifacts of items designed using machine learning. If the designed object is not suitable to be presented (e.g. if it is a large building or a biological specimen), a virtual representation can be presented. We are excited to see designs that span the gamut of art, design, and engineering. Interested participants should submit a 1-page description of the item and how it was made, along with photos or other visual documentation.

Please take note of the following timeline and deadlines:

  • June 13th - Submission deadline. Paper acceptance will be notified in the following week
  • July 1st - Contributed talks and poster videos uploaded to Slideslive
  • July 22nd - Date of the workshop

Applicants should submit their paper on

We look forward to reading your papers and seeing you at ICML 2022 in Baltimore!

Sincerely, The Organizers

Lydia Chilton, Rafael Gomez-Bombarelli, Wengong Jin, Vladimir Kim, Caitlin Mueller, Daniel Ritchie, Andrew Spielberg